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MOVE: 30 Years Later

wpid-ramonaafricacrop.jpgNoteDue to circumstances beyond our control, this show is rescheduled to May 20, 2015

In this show we interview Ms. Ramona Africa in regards to the MOVE incident and going forth.  May 13, 2015, is the 30th anniversary of the MOVE fire.  How different is our world from then?

In her biographical statement, Ms Africa says,  I am Ramona Africa, Minister of Communication for The MOVE Organization, former political prisoner and the sole adult survivor of the May 13, 1985, government bombing and massacre of MOVE.

I am also a representative of The International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal (a Black journalist that’s on death row in Pennsylvania) but most importantly I am a revolutionary, a freedom fighter.

I am 59 years old and have been in The MOVE Organization almost 34 years now. I spent 7 years in prison because I survived the 1985 bombing; I continued my fight for freedom while in prison and when I came home in 1992.

The work continues til this day with the priority being to gain the release of my MOVE family known as The MOVE 9, they have been in prison 37 years now. Two of The MOVE 9, our sister Merle Africa was murdered in prison by officials in March of 1998 and our brother Phil Africa was murdered in prison in January of 2015.

Ona Move—Ramona Africa

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76 and Its Time to Quit: What’s Next?

WhatsNext[1]As a followup to our recent show 76 and Its Time to Quit, we offer this what’s next blog.  Here we are sharing some other events in which you can get involved.

First, I want to give a loud shout out to GTown Radio, The Garcia and Ray broadcast.  Times are 5-6PM Thursdays.  If you want to call the show, the number is 215.609-4301.  Don’t miss this wonderful time of sharing and healing.


Also, there will be a Fundraiser on Sunday, May 24, at Cazuelas, Lawence Street and Girard Avenue, Philadelphia at 1:30 pm.  Cost, I believe is $40.


There is a Petition circulating to seek an audience with the families of the murdered with the Pope when he visits Philadelphia in September.  You can sign that Petition at iPetition.com


Finally from Mothers in Charge


For more info click the above icon


So there are several ways for you to help and get involved.  We need everyone on this issue!!

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Excerpt from our Cycle of Conflict Webinar

This cut is a recent outtake from a Cycle of Conflict Webinar we offered.  It discusses the cycle of conflict with an emphasis on didactic learning.  It is only a portion of the webinar.

Stay tuned as we continue to work to get full broadcasts out for you!

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