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FTC LogoOur Friends of the Calming the Anger Storms Radio Show support program is for legitimate sponsors who support the mission and vision of our show.

We retain sole discretion in what subscriptions we list on our site.  We will not accept, and therefore discourage, support from any objectionable entity.  We do not accept pornography, abusive, or discriminatory practices in our site.  We do not accept support from entities that have unreasonable exclusive access practices or discriminates in providing services/goods to any recognized protected class.

Please refer to our FTC Disclaimer.  We will not accept a subscription any product/service we have not used ourselves or researched extensively.

We invite members of the public to post and/or review any product/service listed on this site.  We do not accept abusive, profane, or discriminatory comments/reviews in our site.

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Please do not support this site if you disagree with anything stated in this policy.

Calming the Anger Storms Radio Show

April 2015