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Homicide: 76 and Its Time to Quit

homicideIn this show we present two very compelling speakers.  Both speakers have lost their only sons to the escalating rate of homicide in Philadelphia.  The murders were both in January 2015, only a few blocks apart.  One murder victim was African American, the other was Latino.

Two young men one aged 38 and the other 24 lost, leaving children, parents, and extended friends behind.

Our guests are Mr. Wilfedo Rojas and Mr Bernard Ray Sr.  These fathers will discuss their anguish and pain.  Then they will discuss how they have decided to deal with this anguish.

These fathers have joined forces to form a survivors group like none other.  From an online Radio Show to an audience with Pope Francis.  These fathers are leaving no stone unturned.

Hear their compelling stories


Admittedly, the quality of the show may not be the best.  However, the compelling nature of the show draws one to listen.

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Excerpt from our Cycle of Conflict Webinar

This cut is a recent outtake from a Cycle of Conflict Webinar we offered.  It discusses the cycle of conflict with an emphasis on didactic learning.  It is only a portion of the webinar.

Stay tuned as we continue to work to get full broadcasts out for you!

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Calming the Anger Storm Commercial

This is a commercial for our radio station.  The quality will, of course, be better when we have the proper equipment.  Won’t you help us get there!  Use the Go Fund Me links on our web pages.  Thank you!

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Welcome to our new podcast. Calming the Anger Storms is a production of the Center for a Positive Humanity LLC.  This broadcast will highlight issues related to Workplace Conflict, Anger Management, Conflict Coaching, Mediation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  The intent is to highlight and normalize these less combative and less destructive means of conflict resolution.  The goal is to be of assistance to our clients and potential clients in our service area.

We are wholly dependent upon the support of our sponsors. If you enjoy these shows please consider making a contribution to us.

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