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This is Our Prayer

prayer warriorThis is a prayer to invoke the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit throughout our New Year of 2016.  It is offered with the greatest respect.  It is dedicated to the memories of my nephew – Bernard Ray, Alex Rojas, SrA Kcey Ruiz, and the mother of a dear Brother, Doug Dunbar.

May this prayer be a blessing to your heart.  May it bring comfort for whatever your loss in 2015.  May it offer courage as we enter a New Year.

God bless you.  May He keep you in His sweet embrace all the days of your life.

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This Is Our Prayer (text)

Prayer WarriorThis is the written version.  The oral version is forthcoming.  We pray whatever version you enjoy, that it blesses your heart.  We offer this with the greatest of respect.  We dedicate this to the memories of my nephew Bernard Ray, Alex Rojas, and SrA Kcey Ruiz and to the mother of a very dear Brother, Douglas Dunbar.



Most gracious, Heavenly, Father God

We come gratefully and humbly before your throne of Grace. You are the mighty God, you are the Jehovah Nissi, you are the Jehovah Shalom, the bright and morning star. You are the author, the creator, and the end of who we could ever have, ever could want to have, and all we ever shall be. You are God, the omnipotent, the omniscient, and the omnipresent. We love you God, we worship you God, and we revere you, O God. Because of who you are we give you all the praise.

We come, O God, knowing we have not always done what you would have us do, we surely don’t do what you expect us to do, we break your heart repeatedly. And yet you love us so. How, why, or what have we done to deserve such love? Why do we deserve your never ending grace? Why do we deserve your faithfulness, why do we deserve your mercy? Truly, you are a wondrous God. For who you are we have no sufficient words and so we can only say Thank You.

God, we come to present our petitions to you. We come hoping and believing you are a God that not only hears our prayers, but answers our prayers. This is our prayer for the New Year. We present it with such expectation, such hope, and such faith.

God, you know for some of us this has been a most difficult year. We have lost loved ones. God we have sent you our mothers, our fathers, our daughters, and our sons. We grieve their loss, yet we celebrate their victory. We have lost their company but we gained the knowledge that one day we will be together again. God please soothe our hearts, touch our spirits, grant us a peace that passeth all understanding.

God some of us have lost family members. We had promises made that were not kept, we had joy not realized. Comfort our hearts, O Lord. Grant us your peace, O God. Grant us a renewed Spirit Lord. God help us take our minds off what is gone and replace it with a new faith and focus on what will never leave us, you God!

Some of us need employment God. We need to earn our keep. For surely the laborer is worthy of their hire. Man does not live on bread alone but on every Word of God. So speak God, speak an open door, speak new opportunities, and speak new vocations or occupations.

Some of us need health, O Lord. Some of us have unbearable pain, some are awaiting a healing surgery, some medical procedures. God, we have no reason for fear. For surely you have promised never would you leave us, never would you forsake us, never would you leave us alone. So God, use your servants; the doctors, the nurses, and the medical staff to do your miraculous work. Guide their minds, guide their hands, and guide their talents, so that when it is all said and done, we will have a testimony. We will have a testimony where you, O Lord, will be given all the praise and glory. For you alone are worthy to be praised!!

Some of us are soldiers, airmen, sailors, or marines. We are in harm’s way or will be shortly in harm’s way. Please God place your hedge of protection around us. Please God, keep us from hurt, harm, or danger. Please God shelter us with your love.

Some of us have family members serving our nation in foreign lands. Father, we pray the same for all of them. Then God we pray for quiet hearts for those family members experiencing anxiety and despair for their loved ones. Bring them all home safely, bring them home without disability or impairment . And for this we shout, Glory, and thank you.

O mighty God, hear our humble petitions. God prove us again, that you alone are God. You hear our prayers and you grant our prayers. Lord, we have not cause we ask not. So we come now on bowed knees and contrite hearts asking and seeking only what you have the power to give.

God, as we begin this New Year, some of us are beginning new journeys. New jobs, new relationships, new homes, or new families. Help us, O Lord, to be successful. Grant us, O God, the joy and excitement of new things, new goals, and new accomplishments. Grant us the knowledge, wisdom, and power to make good choices. Help us to reap from the seeds we have sowed, the pleasures of our dreams, and the realizations of our plans.

For this, O God, we bow before you. Our hopes are open, our hearts are contrite, and we are ashamed to ask for anymore. We know we are not worthy. We know we do not deserve any more. And yet we ask. But we do so believing and trusting nothing is too hard for God and all that we ask, that is righteous, God will provide. We know, we believe, we argue, we persuade, we proclaim, and we exclaim that you God are a good and gracious God. You are a God of mercy, patience, long suffering, and grace. So we come, leaning on your everlasting love.

God, even as we present these petitions, we are mindful that we already have so much and there are others with so little. Let us not forget any of those. Let us not be remiss of those in need. Help us to be your light in this lost and dark world. Help us to touch the hands of the sick and the broken. Help us to feed the hungry. Care for the homeless. Soothe the weary and anguished mother. Help us to create safe harbors for the disenfranchised. Shelter for those without. Help us to live such a life that others will say there is something different yet wonderful about those people. The difference is your salvation. Help us to spread the message of Jesus to every corner of this world.

O God, this is our prayer for the New Year. We pray this prayer in faith. We come knowing that you alone are the God to which every knee will bow and every heart will confess, you are Lord. The mighty God, the sovereign God, the God that sits on high and looks down low. You God, the arbiter of our faith, the rescuer of our despondent, the comfort for the brokenhearted, the mender of the troubled mind, the great I am, God. The God to whom we turn when all seems lost. You God, the center of our existence, the center of our joy.

We thank you, we praise you and our hearts say Amen, Amen, and Amen. Hallelujah Amen.Our Prayer Star

MOVE: 30 Years Later

wpid-ramonaafricacrop.jpgNoteDue to circumstances beyond our control, this show is rescheduled to May 20, 2015

In this show we interview Ms. Ramona Africa in regards to the MOVE incident and going forth.  May 13, 2015, is the 30th anniversary of the MOVE fire.  How different is our world from then?

In her biographical statement, Ms Africa says,  I am Ramona Africa, Minister of Communication for The MOVE Organization, former political prisoner and the sole adult survivor of the May 13, 1985, government bombing and massacre of MOVE.

I am also a representative of The International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal (a Black journalist that’s on death row in Pennsylvania) but most importantly I am a revolutionary, a freedom fighter.

I am 59 years old and have been in The MOVE Organization almost 34 years now. I spent 7 years in prison because I survived the 1985 bombing; I continued my fight for freedom while in prison and when I came home in 1992.

The work continues til this day with the priority being to gain the release of my MOVE family known as The MOVE 9, they have been in prison 37 years now. Two of The MOVE 9, our sister Merle Africa was murdered in prison by officials in March of 1998 and our brother Phil Africa was murdered in prison in January of 2015.

Ona Move—Ramona Africa

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Homicide: 76 and Its Time to Quit

homicideIn this show we present two very compelling speakers.  Both speakers have lost their only sons to the escalating rate of homicide in Philadelphia.  The murders were both in January 2015, only a few blocks apart.  One murder victim was African American, the other was Latino.

Two young men one aged 38 and the other 24 lost, leaving children, parents, and extended friends behind.

Our guests are Mr. Wilfedo Rojas and Mr Bernard Ray Sr.  These fathers will discuss their anguish and pain.  Then they will discuss how they have decided to deal with this anguish.

These fathers have joined forces to form a survivors group like none other.  From an online Radio Show to an audience with Pope Francis.  These fathers are leaving no stone unturned.

Hear their compelling stories


Admittedly, the quality of the show may not be the best.  However, the compelling nature of the show draws one to listen.

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76 and Its Time to Quit: What’s Next?

WhatsNext[1]As a followup to our recent show 76 and Its Time to Quit, we offer this what’s next blog.  Here we are sharing some other events in which you can get involved.

First, I want to give a loud shout out to GTown Radio, The Garcia and Ray broadcast.  Times are 5-6PM Thursdays.  If you want to call the show, the number is 215.609-4301.  Don’t miss this wonderful time of sharing and healing.


Also, there will be a Fundraiser on Sunday, May 24, at Cazuelas, Lawence Street and Girard Avenue, Philadelphia at 1:30 pm.  Cost, I believe is $40.


There is a Petition circulating to seek an audience with the families of the murdered with the Pope when he visits Philadelphia in September.  You can sign that Petition at


Finally from Mothers in Charge


For more info click the above icon


So there are several ways for you to help and get involved.  We need everyone on this issue!!

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Excerpt from our Cycle of Conflict Webinar

This cut is a recent outtake from a Cycle of Conflict Webinar we offered.  It discusses the cycle of conflict with an emphasis on didactic learning.  It is only a portion of the webinar.

Stay tuned as we continue to work to get full broadcasts out for you!

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Calming the Anger Storm Commercial

This is a commercial for our radio station.  The quality will, of course, be better when we have the proper equipment.  Won’t you help us get there!  Use the Go Fund Me links on our web pages.  Thank you!

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