What do you think?

  • Do you find your relationships strained?
  • Do you find your relationships with co workers unsatisfying?
  • Are your work relationships holding back your career progression?
  • Is your home often in turmoil?
  • Have you heard there are ways to avoid or resolve conflict in a more restorative manner?
  • Are you being told you need to do something about that?

We Would Love to Talk With You

We are glad you stopped here!  Your life can be happier.  You can be more successful. You can enjoy more rewarding and satisfying relationships with others, whether it be professionally or personally. You can learn to navigate conflict without ruining relationships or losing what you want to enjoy.

Yes, We Can Help  

How Can We Help?

We can show you a more effective way of resolving conflict resulting in Win Win solutions. We offer Conflict Resolution services. We offer several methods of conflict resolution from Conflict Coaching to Conflict Consultation.

Our premier “person to person” service is Conflict Coaching. Conflict Coaching is a unique modality that is quite different than therapy or consulting. If appropriate, we will enter into a coaching relationship with you. In a few sessions we can help you to develop greater conflict management skills.

If you seek a more participative approach we can offer;






and for those desiring a spiritual approach we offer a full range of Christian Conciliation  services

We Help you to Help Yourself  

We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to work with you as you work to maximize  your life. Call us for a complimentary coaching session and see whether you believe we are a goof fit for you? If you want to know more about conflict coaching read our complimentary report “What is Conflict Coaching” or you can tune into our “Ask the Coach” program every Monday evening.

New: We now offer the VIA Character Strength Assessment in private session.  You can register at the bottom of this page.

For a full range of the Assessments we offer go to our assessments page.

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